Monday, November 4, 2019

In a World of Pay by Fryer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

In a World of Pay by Fryer - Research Paper Example The contribution of this article in the study of human resources is significant in the sense that the article is sufficient enough to enable the HR students gain a real-world insight on how to apply HR theories and practices. The article also allows the students to have an idea concerning the level of competition in the real world of business. Likewise, the article revealed how HR managers should plan on designing effective work compensation packages based on the Coming up with a win-win situation between the employer and employee is very important. Since Anne as a job applicant is a well-known individual who has marked a competitive marketing performance within the ERP software industry, the HR manager should consider the fact that Anne is paying a fee of US$3,000 per month for the assisted living facility of her mother, a competitive health care plan for her 7-year old son who is suffering from asthma and allergies (Fryer, 2003, p. 32, 34). The HR manager also needs to consider that Anne is a single mother. Therefore, transferring her to Germany could be very costly since Anne may need some support on house rent, day care services, cultural training for her and her son, and the annual tuition for her son’s education (p. 37). Knowing the major concern of Anne as a potentially competitive marketing employee, the HR manager should come up with a better working arrangement option or work compensation package that will directly address the main concerns of Anne. With this in mind, the HR manager should weigh the proposed work compensation packages with the market potential and business profitability Anne could contribute to the company. Â  

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