Thursday, November 21, 2019

Comparative Afterlife Beliefs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comparative Afterlife Beliefs - Essay Example The Egyptians, likewise, have more intricate beliefs of the afterlife, as shown from the documentary video entitled â€Å"Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife† posted by Yuna Raven on January 18, 2012 and shown in YouTube (Raven). The current essay hereby aims to provide a comparative analysis of these two distinct beliefs of the afterlife. There are disparities in the Sikhs and Egyptians beliefs in the afterlife in terms of focus, scope, and details. For Sikhs, it was specifically indicated that â€Å"Sikh scriptures dont dwell on what happens after death† (Burke par. 2). This is very contrary to the Egyptian’s beliefs of the afterlife that is most intricate, detailed, and comprehensive. As indicated from the video, due to their focus and relegating importance to the after death, the idea of immortality and afterlife enabled them to create great architectural structures which detailed guidelines for the dead pharaohs to be resurrected and reborn to their own bodies (Raven). Likewise, the Sikhs’ regard for conformity and compliance with earthly duties, much more than focusing on the afterlife, was manifested in terms of their practice for cremation (Burke par. 1). In contrast, the Egyptians believe that the dead’s soul would eventually get to be reunited with their physical bodies; as such, their belief in mummification (Raven). It was disclosed that it was important that their physical bodies be preserved so that their spiritual souls would recognize it and enable the resurrection (Raven).

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