Friday, February 14, 2020

Why I want to be a nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why I want to be a nurse - Essay Example Nurses were looked down upon but with the development of the human mind, it has been realized that it is a very noble profession where a person lives with a cause and purpose of serving other people. It is for this reason that I have actually been influenced by the fact that I should opt for this career and work towards improving the health status of the world by becoming an integral part of the healthcare system. I have always been interested in this field, particularly after my exposure to the hospitals when I came across nurses and realized the fact that how important they are for the field of medicine. My exposure to this field has made me aware of the fact that I would truly want to devote my life for the purpose of providing the best health for the patients. The example of Florence Nightingale serves as an inspiration to me. She was a woman who was devoted to her work despite of the difficulties that she had to face and the criticism that she received. She worked day and night to save precious human lives and worked in very difficult conditions. Seeing her example, I have realized that I would also want to dedicate my life to help people who will actually be able to live in a better way because of my work. The aim of this field is itself very inspiring to me.

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